Healthy Living 2016

I know what you are thinking. That my healthy living is a New Year’s Resolution! NOPE… although I can see how the timing seems suspicious. I am not really the resolution type. 1. I don’t have that kind of willpower 2. What’s in it for me?… oh yeah, a rockin bod…

No, but seriously. There are SO many reasons to lose weight and become healthier and fit that I don’t even feel like typing it all out. BUT since I think blogging is going to help me with my goals, I am going to do it.

  1. MEXICO!!! Our entire family is going to Cancun?Cabo? (I can never remember) in April for spring break. It started as a girls’ trip for my older sister. Then it was a couples’ trip, then it was just plain “we are educators and need spring break”. Now my parents are on board so we are going as a family to an all-inclusive resort for 5 days to soak up sun and calories. Call me shallow, but damnnit, I want to slim down for this trip. I am tired of looking bloated and overweight in family photos and considering I plan on wearing a swimsuit and floppy hat ONLY for 5 days, I just want to feel good about myself and about the entire trip in general. (REVISION MAY 2016- I was 168 lbs in Mexico!!! That means I lost 18 lbs in a little over 3 months. Whoo hoo! Met the goal I set for myself and had an amazing time with family in the sun. I am a bit stalled at this weight due to a weekend in Vegas thrown into April as well, but ready to get even more fit in the next couple months!)
  2. Christine is getting married! My older sister who has become one of my very best friends these past couple years is getting married to Matt, a really sweet guy. I am so excited for their wedding and I have already planned the entire thing on Pinterest as well as her bachelorette party, bridal shower, and I just started pressuring Matt about the rehearsal dinner. It is in August and I have been done planning since last month… After having done my wedding small, indoors, and a bit boring to be perfectly honest, I am so excited to give my sister the wedding of her dreams and also re-do my own. PS. She is the most chill person and doesn’t give a shit about stuff like wedding planning or mimosa bars so she is more than happy to let me completely take over. Having been 160 lbs at my own wedding (that was me losing 15 lbs for it), I would like this next set of wedding photos of our family be of 3 very healthy and cute looking sisters. My two sisters are both on board with our healthy lifestyle plan. We were all a little chubby in my wedding photos and I want to give her photos she can look at forever and love and feel good about. She is a HUGE HEALTH NUT. Emphasis on the “nut”. Being a biology teacher doesn’t help because having a brain for the science behind nutrition makes her a little lecture-y… We totally love it though. She has a huge heart and can’t help wanting us all to live long lives. If she was writing this blog, this entire section would be about diabetes. Her fiance was diagnosed a year or so back with Type 1 at 30 years old (weird right?) and that is what kicked her butt into overdrive. She lost so much weight and got super healthy after her fiance was diagnosed. I have to work at not being jealous of her new body. I have decided to outdo my own wedding body and be 155 by her August 6th wedding!
  3. Babies. I feel like at my current weight and lifestyle, it is not ideal to get pregnant. Having gotten my bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood and Family Studies, I am only too aware of how important it is be at optimal health when you conceive. Ryan and I would love to start having children in the near future, but I want to do my part and be a healthy woman when we start. ALSO, I know that I will gain a lot of weight with pregnancy and I don’t want to add more weight to my short frame now. I would rather not have to be rolled into work. In order to not be considered obese for my BMI, I need to be about 145 lbs for my height. So I think that this is a great goal for where I want to be when I get pregnant.
  4. Long term. I don’t want to feed my wonderful husband Dominos’ for dinner and our future children pop-tarts for breakfast. I love to cook, but my lazy lifestyle has me taking expensive shortcuts that are just bad for you! Ryan does landscaping and excavating for a living and he needs to be in great physical shape to do that kind of hard work. He is always out in the cold, working his cute butt off, and mostly he is lucky for his body. Genetics has done him good and he has the perfect ectomorph body (more on this later). Eats crap, doesn’t gain a pound. Eats healthy with me for three days, loses 5 lbs from I don’t know where. Annoying, but I am lucky to have such a hot husband. I guess it is up to my cooking to help him maintain this into his later years.

I am really glad I took the time to write this down. I am hoping this blog is more like a journal for me, inspiring and maybe even helpful to anyone reading, and a place to put photos and posts about the things I do. I don’t plan on quitting baking just because I am eating healthy! I still have to bake the cupcakes for every single birthday in my family and husband’s family 🙂 It just feels like a good year to blog. We have finally finished the bulk of our kitchen remodel. I have some recipes I have perfected. I am using my slow cooker and pressure cooker a lot lately. I am eating healthy and trying new recipes. Mostly I am trying to inspire myself, but if I help even one other person in the process, it would make the school counselor in me just beam with pride and fulfillment.