Current Status

Weight Goal: 170 lbs by April 1st


  • January 15- 182.4 lbs
  • January 20-181.8 lbs
  • January 24-179.6 lbs
  • February 14- 178.6 lbs
  • February 19- 177.2 lbs
  • February 23- 175.8 lbs
  • March 6- 173.6 lbs
  • March 8- 172.8 lbs
  • March 15- 171 lbs
  • March 18- 170 lbs (GOAL of 170 lbs by MEXICO WAS MET 1 WEEK EARLY)
  • March 23- 168.8 lbs
  • March 26- 167.8 lbs


Wow… not a lot has changed since I edited last on 4/8/2012/ I CANNOT believe that was three years ago. I didn’t even know I had a blog 3 years ago. So status update. (Can you tell I am 26 and still do Facebook?)

Eating: Paleo minus sugary fruits, plus legumes, minus too much sweet potato, plus clean eating and Shakeology for lunch. Also doing intermittent fasting. 8 hour eating window a day. This has become a game changer!

Fitness: T25 (not enough fun), Hip Hop Abs (not enough of an impact on body), Core Rhythms (not enough of a workout), TurboJam, TurboFire, PiYo, Kettlebell workouts on Youtube. I subscribe to Beach Body on Demand as of 2/16/16 and am loving the access to all the different workouts! Basically Chalene Johnson is a god.

Baking: Still producing a lot of cupcakes

Home: Kitchen- almost done with my all white kitchen!

Party planning: everyday.


2/2012: As of right now, I have been bitten by the health bug. After six months of cooking my wonderful husband all his favorite foods, I hit a low. It was not a new low, but it looked a lot like the low I hit in college when I drank caramel macchiatos and ate pagliacci pizza everyday. The last time I was at this weight, a nurse I knew recommended the Dr. Gundry evolutionary diet and although difficult, it really worked. It is very similar to the paleo diet, but with some differences that make it easier to follow. My body doesn’t do well with grains and sugar and so every once in a while, I detox off it until I feel good again. However, I am also a firm believer in being practical and efficient, so I take days off from eating healthy just so I can bake or go out with friends or family. This is why I am so random 🙂

EDIT ON 4/8/2013: Now doing Weight Watchers points plus and kinda liking it!

EDIT ON 1/5/2016: made up my own plan! love it more than anything else I have done!



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