I love projects. Baking, cooking, sewing, decorating, crafting, puppies and anything else that adds flair to life all make it into my list of priorities. Most of the time, I take on more than I can chew, stress out about things that are supposed to be fun, and make myself cry in the kitchen. However, these are also the times that I learn about myself, get to make others happy, and become proud of myself.

I don’t plan on posting in a regimented way. Just when I have something I want to share so I can help make someone else’s life more fun, easy, or exciting.

In the hopes of connecting with someone who I might have something in common with, here is a bit of general info!

Name: Michelle Ha

Relationship status: Married to my high school sweetheart Ryan. We have been head over heels in love since my sophomore year of high school and got married on July 15th, 2012. I am also the proud mommy of the most perfect Australian Shepherd. His name is Teddy Bear and he owns the other half my heart.

Occupation: High School Counselor

Home: Milton, WA (between Seattle and Tacoma). We bought a house in January 2014. It was built in 1905 and is small but adorable. Many home remodeling posts to come.

Photos: Will be taken badly with the wrong lighting and wrong equipment. Not a shutterbug. Sorry, photography is not one of my interests and so the pictures will be taken with my iPhone, iPad, or digital camera that cost $75 a lot of Black Fridays ago. If there is a nice photo on this blog, it means someone else took it with their expensive equipment.

I am also a tiny bit sorry that I am so random. It is going to go from buttery cupcakes to paleo recipes day to day probably. So no expectations for me might be a good way to start. What I am finding is that I either make ridiculously healthy foods or sinfully decadent desserts. Balanced in a really off-balanced kind of way… 



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