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Parisian Bridal Shower- The Photobooth

It has been SO CRAZY BUSY! I have had so much fun this past month making all the little details for my sister’s bridal shower come together. Cleaning, baking, prepping, shopping, decorating, cutting, pasting, coordinating, and basically having the time of my life.

And I know it has been 25 days since I have last posted  because my 25 day challenge started and ended! I did pretty darn well and ate clean 90% of the time and got a lot of hot yoga and activity in. There were days I was so busy I didn’t have time to eat, which worked out well. I haven’t lost any pounds but people keep telling me I look good, so I am going to have to just be content with that.

But let me tell you about this bridal shower. Let’s be honest, I spent WAY too much time planning the perfect bridal shower for my older sister. But it was worth every single second and penny. There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing tiny little details come together in a giant way. Also, this is just how I show my love for my sister and the people she loves and has in her life. People were so complimentary and sweet about the shower and everyone really seemed to enjoy the food, decor, and company. I want to share some of the details of the food and decor in case anyone else out there needs to throw a loved one a French themed party! It was so fun to plan and try to incorporate good food and pretty decorations into a cheesy theme. Julie made a slideshow of all the pics that Matt and Christine have together and I had it running on the television during the shower while French music played.

My goal is to catalog all that went into this party including recipes and the decorations. I have them all listed here but will link them to the recipes in new posts this week as I go!


  • Strawberry Chevre Tartines
  • Croque Madames
  • Mini quiches (bought them frozen at Cash and Carry)
  • Parmesan Gougeres
  • Nicoise Salad
  • French onion dip
  • Croissants (brought by Caroline the bridesmaid)
  • French potato salad (Brought by Christine’s friend Wendy. This salad was delicious! So light and bright tasting. Not your typical potato salad for sure.)
  • Wine and cheese bar


  • Centerpiece cake (used yellow and funfetti cake mix and practiced Italian meringue buttercream on it!)
  • French Opera mini cupcakes
  • Profiteroles (cream puffs I bought frozen at Cash & Carry)
  • Macarons (bought frozen at Trader Joes)
  • Lemon tarts and Palmiers (made by Erin the bridesmaid)
  • Madeleines (made by Jessica the bridesmaid)
  • Creme Brulee cheesecake bites (made by Julianne the bridesmaid)
  • Crepe bar


  • Several varieties of wine (I had each bridesmaid bring their favorite wine and cheese pairing to share with guests!)
  • Mimosa bar with complimenting fruit (Mango orange, cranberry, and raspberry lemonade)
  • Lavender lemonade


  • Mason jar French Silk Pies
  • Mason jar Caramelized French Apple Pies


The photobooth was made of PVC piping and cost about $10 to make! I used white curtains that I already had and used this tutorial to make it. The only difference was that I didn’t add the bottom stabilizing piping because I only made mine 7 feet tall and I didn’t think I needed it and I was right! For a photo booth height, this was perfect. So my shopping list was

  • three 10 foot PVC pipes
  • 2 slip socket elbows
  • 2 slip socket tees

We cut the 10 foot PVC pipes to 7 feet each and then for the legs, we cut 2 of the leftover 3 foot pieces in half to give it four legs.

I added some $10 crates that I got at Michael’s and tinted with gray and oak stain that I had leftover from other projects. The LOVE letters are just cardboard letters that were on sale for about $1 each at JoAnns. And the rest of the decor were gem garlands and pearl strands I got for 40% off at Hobby Lobby. The lanterns are Martha Stewart and are leftover from a bridal shower I helped throw last summer. I know we got those with coupons at JoAnns too. The giant ampersand was 70% off at Michael’s and I got it for $7.99 a couple weeks ago. We are going to be able to reuse a lot of these items at their rehearsal dinner and wedding.

The Paris themed props were purchased here on Amazon and are decent quality and came with the tape and sticks needed to put together. $20 seemed a bit much at first, but there are 20 pieces and half of them can be reused for a non-Paris themed photobooth like the bows, shapes, and mustache!

A great idea our “bridesmale” Matt had was to have Christine stand at the photobooth for 30 minutes and people were invited to come up and get photos with her. This made it so that we could make sure we got photos with the bride with her guests and helped us transition into games.

Well, after snacking on leftover cheese, potatoes, pastries, and chip and dip today, I signed up for a few Zumba classes at our local community center. So I am off to sweat off some of the indulging I did in the last 24 hours! Tomorrow, I will share the recipe for the mini cupcakes I made for the shower. They were a huge hit and forced me to confront my ever persistent fears of meringue frostings and sponge cakes!


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