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Valentines Day Brunch

So I think I am finally reaching a healthy mental mindset. I don’t really know what brought it on considering the scale number hasn’t moved too much, but I think instead of being tired of dieting and working out, I am excited to try new nutritious foods and experience different ways of exercising. Maybe it is this whole “being a grown-up” thing too. I can’t keep living in an all or nothing, immature kind of way. I feel a need to be reasonable. Ugh, I know. Maturity sucks.

Early in the week I decided throw a Valentines Day Brunch for the family. I decided that instead of making Valentines’ Day about Ryan and me, I would make it about our love for our family. Cheeeeeezy I know, but life is busy and the older I get, the more time I want to spend with family. We invited Ryan’s mom, my parents, my sister Julie, and cousin Jinju. Christine was in Portland for a friend’s wedding. I planned a menu that I was willing to eat and that I thought people not on my eating plan would appreciate. Menu planning is my favorite part of planning events. I love thinking about what goes well together, diversifying the menu, and how to disguise healthy food. Also, brunch is my favorite. It is up there with my dog, my husband, family, cake, and glitter.


I love to host at my house because it forces us to clean our house. I love to cook, but hate to clean. Think about it… That doesn’t really work. Luckily, Ryan is super thorough and doesn’t cook so we complement each other’s strengths/weaknesses. Since Ryan got done cleaning a little faster than our guests arrived, he got to help me decorate!

I tried to teach Ryan how to cut out perfect hearts and he was quite offended. His response was, “I passed kindergarten babe”… My bad. This was the first time I got to use my pink votive I picked up on clearance at Le Creuset over winter break. I am glad I remembered to use it 🙂

And now what I love about hosting more than ever is that I control the menu! This time around, I decided on taco omelettes, sweet potato hash, and one treat item: cherry cornmeal pancakes. I used whole wheat pastry flour and almond milk to make this a little less of a treat. The recipe wasn’t perfect though so I won’t share it until I get it blogworthy. Everyone else really liked them, but I have had better in my many brunches.


And it really is not a brunch if you don’t have mimosas. Neither champagne or sugary fruit juices are what I consider to be a part of my health plan, but BRUNCH=MIMOSA. I would never deprive brunch guests likes that…

I will admit that nothing tempted me more than the mimosas did. I had several glasses throughout the morning. I have decided to be really okay with that.

After brunch, Ryan and I went shopping with his mom in downtown Sumner. Adorable little main street with tons of cute home decor shops. Very farmhousey, rustic stuff. Very me. I am the only full-blooded Asian I know that is so drawn to the whole cliche mason jar, rustic farmhouse look. The hutch I use for my coffee bar had an unfortunate run in with my husband so a door broke. It was a piece I had bought on craigslist when we first got married and painted over before I was any good at it, so I think it outlived its shelf life. I have been wanting one that was a better fit for our new house anyways so I like to think Ryan broke it on purpose so he could buy me a new one…

It was a perfect fit at our old place.

This is how we adjusted it to look at our house.


Isn’t my baby sister the cutests? She just lights up rooms. It’s her thing. Room lighting. She should put it on her resume. Employers would think it was a weird thing to put in a resume. Then they would meet her. And they would be like “ohhhh, I totally get it now.”

Ready to see what is about to grace my kitchen?


TA- FRICKEN-DA (photo from Persnickety’s Awesomeness Emporium) 

I love it so much. We are going to pick it up later this week when we have time to do the whole truck and load thing. I will update with photos of it in my kitchen when I have it all set up. Really different look than I usually go for but this thing is perfect size, color, and provides tons of storage. I am done using my hutch as junk drawer central.


Well, I guess this is a good as time as any for me to post my weekly menu. I don’t know why I feel the need to apologize for meshing all my topics into one post… I am not sure anyone actually reads this blog lol so apologizing seems weird.


Monday– Have the day off from work for President’s Day so we pushed off grocery shopping to tonight. We will pick up from jajang (black soy bean) sauce to eat with cauliflower rice and seafood soup from the Korean grocery store for our dinner.

Tuesday– Godkids and bff Michelle are coming over dinner. I will make spicy Korean pork, steamed eggs, and thai fried “rice”. I am really not sure the kids will eat the cauliflower rice, but once again, this is WHY I host.

Wednesday– Chicken cobb salad

Thursday– Christine and Matt’s caterer is having a tasting event in Seattle so we are going to tag along to try a few more of their menu items!

Friday– Lettuce wrapped burgers and some version of sweet potatoes


4 thoughts on “Valentines Day Brunch

  1. Hahahahaha I love the “Ta-FRICKIN-Da!”. I laughed out loud, MichOnni you are so funny and I’m so excited for you taking on this new mindset! My mindset is kinda shifting too, which helps me make more nutritious food choices. Love all the pics! And your new table/hutch is gorgeous!!! Beautiful color and I love the knobs! Can’t wait to see it in your house ;D

    1. Haha thanks babe! The new hutch should be in place by Sunday for Jinju’s bday!!! Are you going to add room lighting to your resume? Thats all I really want to know…

  2. I loooove the new addition to your kitchen! I’m already so in love with your house. When I get a house can you come over and make it look like yours? 🙂

    Julie does light up a room! I think it is a Ha family quality though because you all do it. You guys are so fun!

    And PS, I read the blog. It helps me surprise Christine when I talk to her about what I know that is going on with the Ha family, lol

    1. Thanks Jess!!! You are so sweet to read my ramblings 🙂 I love that you surprise Christine with Ha family knowledge. Saves you guys some time when you can finally get some face time with each other. And if I thought you needed help making something cute, I would totally agree to help 😉

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