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Weekly Menu plus Mango Shrimp Cobb Salad

Monday šŸ˜¦ Ugh. Nuff said about that subject

So had a weird weekend of eating. Remember when I was threatening to eat cake over the weekend? Well I definitely am not one for empty promises. Oh I had cake… and a cookie…and a couple pastries… and a random hodgepodge of carb-laden breakfast foods.

I mean there were some healthy choices thrown in those two days, but the bad definitely outweighed the good. I am fine about it though. No regrets but man, I think I overdid it. Especially on how much wine I consumed in three days.


Damn I had a good weekend though.

Speaking of wine, my mother in law, Barb, did the cutest thing when we had dinner together on Saturday. She bought three different kinds of red wine and some cheese and crackers and we did a fun wine tasting. She knows I have been getting into wine lately and she went on a cool, informative Seattle wine tasting a couple weeks back WITHOUT ME. I guess she felt bad for leaving me behind because she gave me my own wine tasting šŸ™‚ We tried a pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon, and a red blend. I loved them all. I then turned as red as the wine and had to sit still for an hour or so while the effects of the Asian glow wore off. Barb tells me you are just supposed to “taste” and maybe even spit, but are you kidding me? Koreans don’t waste. Especially not wine.

For dinner with Ryan’s family, I recreated the salad that I had tried at Anthony’s Homeport the previous weekend. It turned out so well! Mango Shrimp Cobb salad with everything that should go in a salad.


Everyone loved the salad and I was really happy with how it all came together.

Mango Shrimp Cobb Salad


  • A blend of spring mix and iceberg lettuce
  • Bacon bits (I made my own using Trader Joe’s uncured bits and ends bacon)
  • Baby shrimp
  • Mango, peeled, deseeded, and chopped
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Blue cheese
  • Roma tomatoes,Ā diced
  • Avocado, cut up
  • Grilled chicken (I used chicken breast and seasoned it with Poultry seasoning from TJ’s. $1.99 for really delicious and citrusy seasoning)
  • Vinaigrette dressing: You can go classic oil and vinegar on this and that would taste fine. OR you could use flavored oil and vinegar to give the salad an extra little flavor boost. I used blood orange olive oil and cranberry pear white vinegar. Amazing. Any fruity vinaigrette would be perfect on this salad. Anthonys served it with basil vinaigrette and I am going to try that next time for sure.

Lettuce, toppings, dressing. Done.

It is so fun doing salads when you have all the yummy toppings for it. Like a salad bar at home. We did a simpler version of this on Thursday night with the Ha girls and it looked pretty insane.

This was pretty much the same except no shrimp or mango. Instead I added carrots, cucumber, and a lightened up honey mustard. I also made cauliflower cheesy bread as a side dish. I will share this recipe the next time I make it. It turned out perfect for me but my sister recreated it and it needed a few tweaks so I am going to try itĀ againĀ this weekend to make pizza!

So this week’s menu!

Monday: Pan fried chicken thighs with TJ’s Poulty seasoning, pressure cooked sweet potatoes, bag of southwest salad

Tuesday: Steak Fajita saladĀ 

Wednesday: Kimchee jiggae, steamed egg, and Korean seasoned chicken legs

Thursday: Ate out at Blue C Sushi, had about 3 pieces of rolls and mostly got full on edamame, miso soup, and fried calamari. Then we went and pigged out on pasta, cookies, and cake at the Rock Your Registry event at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. It was insanity in the best way possible. If you are planning on getting married, make sure you time registering with the Rock Your Reigstry events. They only happen a few times a year I guess and it was a perfect night. So yeah, this night was what you could call a bust… But I totally embrace that it was completely worth it.

Friday: Chicken Tortilla SoupĀ 




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