Weekly Menu

Weekly Menu

I get bored so easily. If I wasn’t a school counselor who knew what actual ADHD looked like, I would say I had it. But hey, I am surprisingly pretty good at having an attention deficit problem. I don’t feel like I am living if I don’t have multiple projects going on at once, I jump from one hobby or interest to the next, and I am crazy energetic (the term “energetic” is self-chosen, my parents characterized it as “hyper” when I was a kid).

I think the reason that I have not been able to stick with a healthy routine for more than a month at a time in the past is because I GET BORED. I don’t like to eat the same thing everyday or have the same routine. This drives my husband a little crazy. This is a guy who eats the exact same thing, every single day for lunch. I am completely embarrassed to admit what I let Ryan put in his lunch box. A cheddar jalapeno bagel sandwich with chive and onion cream cheese, honey ham, and cheese, a granola bar, and an apple or orange. I know, carb alert… BUT in his and my defense, he really needs the carbs for the energy he expends at work on a daily basis. I just don’t think a lettuce wrapped turkey sandwich would cut it. But yeah, we could at least switch to whole wheat. This also means that these delicious bagels are always on stock in our freezer. Not good for my low moments…

I have gotten SO much better in the past few months though. Ever since Ryan started making breakfast every morning, I have found that I can do scrambled eggs and a piece of turkey bacon every day without getting tired of it. Every once in a while I have to steal some of Ryan’s ketchup, but other than that, I have not gotten tired of it. Which is great since it is the sweetest, most romantic thing. He takes care of me 🙂 While I shower and get ready for work, he cooks and clears the sink. Last night, I told him I wanted to start drinking hot lemon water in the mornings to make my body more alkaline (so I can keep drinking my super acidic coffee) and this is what I found at my breakfast spot. My goodness, I love this man.

Lemon water in my favorite mug. You probably think Ryan got me that mug. Haha, wrong. My bff gave it to me. We love Grey’s Anatomy…

I bet if you read my blog you think that I have always cooked a lot of Asian food. Not true! I always stuck with American food. I like recipes, measurements, and shopping at just one grocery store. But this round of healthy eating has inspired me to branch out so I don’t get bored. It is a really good thing that Hip Hop Abs switches it up to Total Body Burn on week 3 because I was getting tired of the Week 1 & 2 video. I did a little kettleball work with Jillian Michaels and some yoga/pilates over the weekend instead of Hip Hobs Abs for this reason. Glad I did though! I used to dislike yoga but when you are a little sore and stressed from work, it is a nice workout. See, my brand of ADHD makes me adventurous!

So despite the fact that I am currently experiencing my monthly female woe and it makes me want to EAT EVERYTHING, I am staying the course. I think I ate way more spring rolls last night than I needed to, but it was almost all veggies so I am going to allow myself that one 🙂 I have also been tracking what I eat on LoseIt this week so I don’t over do it. Not technically counting calories, but I am making myself aware of the numbers. Mostly because I am afraid with being on my period, that I will either overeat or not exercise due to mopiness. Also, I am going to ban myself from weighing myself until after this week. The number on the scal when I am all bloated is going to make me mad/sad/irritated/carbcrazy.

So here is what has been going on. Last couple nights have been super easy because I went to the Korean market, Trader Joes, AND Safeway over the weekend and planned ahead using the PepperPlate app. (All in one free app for meal planning and shopping list)


Saturday– Finally saw Star Wars in theaters with Ryan and his mom! Sooooo good! We went to Red Robins for dinner before and I got the Avo-Cab-O salad, which I will probably replicate at home soon. I got the honey mustard dressing and tried to use it sparingly by dipping rather than pouring. For a movie snack, I air-popped popcorn at home and snuck it into the movies 🙂 My husband adores movie theatre popcorn so I knew that I would be really tempted to join in on the mindless snacking so I came prepared! I seasoned it with a little ranch seasoning and seasoning salt. I also snuck in a water bottle. Shh, don’t tell.

Air-popped popcorn

Sunday– Taco Night with the family! We lettuce wrapped and each brought a couple ingredients to share. I made a big ole bowl of pico de gallo with just fresh roma tomatoes, a few garlic cloves, jalapenos, lime juice, red onion, and salt and pepper. Christine also roasted some sweet potatoes and we made nachos on them. I forgot to take a picture so I had to ask my little sister for one… lol this kid


Monday– Bibimbap (bought the prepared bowl of veggies, marinated ribeye, and added a fried egg, cauliflower rice, a little sesame oil, and gochujang)

Tuesday– after the spring rolls we had last week, I was craving them one more time. Perfect for a night I feel like eating until I am actually full. I made a few extra for my lunch today.

PS. Don’t buy the Trader Joes Peanut Satay sauce. It was pretty bad.

Wednesday– Tonight, we are doing lettuce wrapped burgers, beef and chicken breast at my house. My sisters and cousin are coming over. AND my baby sister Julie is bringing a BOY. I don’t know if subjecting him to our crazy healthy eating habits is the first impression we want to make, but if he is going to fit in, he should probably get used to it. The chances that the dinner conversation will be dominated by talk of bowel movements, green smoothies, and our fitness schedules are really high. For the chicken burgers, I am going to try a new idea I saw on Pinterest. Brining your chicken breast in pickle juice! I have dozens of jars of pickles left from when Ryan’s grandma showed me how last summer so I can’t wait to try it. I am going to be pissed about how much pickle juice I have thrown away in the past year if this turns out ridiculously good…

Thursday– New Thai larb recipe to try to keep things interesting!

Friday– Salmon, roasted carrots, and sauteed ginger garlic bak choy

Yeah, I still don’t know how to write a conclusion for a blog post…


2 thoughts on “Weekly Menu

  1. Ryan is soooo nice! Waking up to breakfast and hot water with lemon? You’re a lucky lady 🙂 I started drinking hot water with lemon this past week too! I was making decaf chai tea lattes every morning but decided to switch, and so far I like it!

    Your meal plan for the week looks great!! Really yummy 🙂

  2. Haha I know I’m a little lucky.. I keep wondering when he is going to stop HAHA! Ooh let’s see how our lemon water helps us! Let me know if you notice any changes!

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