Shakeology Chocolate PB Smoothie

IMG_2931What makes weekends a tiny bit easier when it comes to healthy eating is sleeping in. When you don’t wake up until 12pm on a Saturday, you can kind of skip a meal 🙂 And not in a bad, starving yourself way! I will sip my delicious smoothie over a period of time (I started it at 12:30 and am just now taking my final sips at 1:56pm) and then eat a snack like a satsuma around 3pm. The plan is to do an early dinner tonight and if I need a snack around 8pm, I will eat some carrot sticks and celery.

I found a similar recipe on Pinterest but I wanted to make it more like a meal since I was doing it for brunch. Also, my sister Christine is constantly on me about getting my vitamins and minerals from REAL food and not just supplements. So I took everything I know is healthy and might taste decent and put it in the trusty Vitamix, which was paid for by sister who insisted I start drinking green smoothies a year ago. She didn’t know that I would figure out it is much more useful as a mango margarita maker.


Green Chocolate and Peanut Butter Smoothie


  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 TB chia seeds
  • 2 TB PB 2 (or natural peanut butter)
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • handful of kale and spinach each
  • handful of ice

Directions: blend

*Was not expecting this smoothie to turn green! But it did. The color threw me off, but the taste was really good. I estimate this to be about 350 calories. The original recipe did not add the vegetables, cinnamon, or chia seeds and was estimated to be about 280 calories. *

I also had two cups of coffee this morning with a TB of coconut oil in each cup. I am not a fan of coconut oil on its own, but it is really good in black coffee and the lemon ginger tea I drink.

**I am Korean and therefore love a good discount. I struggle to keep up with my culture of origin most days but the cheap gene did not skip me. I ordered PB2 on Amazon Prime and bought the chia seeds at Home Goods.




One thought on “Shakeology Chocolate PB Smoothie

  1. Wow, amazing! Looks and sounds amazing and filling! And I am mentioned like three times!!!!!!! I feel like a celebrity!

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