I know, not original… Yet

EDIT 4/10/13: I finally thought of a name that fit my needs. I wanted a blog name that describes me well and is a catchy alliteration. Looking over my recipes and projects I realized that I am all about more is more rather than less is more. I always bake too many cupcakes, make too many different kinds of dessert, do more stuff to my house, and am never satisfied. Perfect name for a crazy girl 🙂 

As my first post on my first blog, I feel the need to explain my blog name. I admit, this concept of using Martha is not original, but I felt compelled to do it. On this gray yet beautiful Sunday morning, I sat down at my laptop after a 1pm “breakfast” fully intending to do homework. It looked horrible. So I decided to start a blog. No, seriously, that is how this is all happening right now. There was no additional thought process between “Ugh this article is complicated” and “I should start a blog!”. Then I realized that to start a blog, I had to have a name. After multiple variations of already taken names and weird strung together phrases that didn’t make sense, I finally took a chair stretch and looked to my right. On my ottoman, is a pile of Martha Stewart Living magazines. A while back, there was a LivingSocial deal for a year’s subscription for only $10! Since I can’t say no to a good deal, I bought them. So glad I did because they make excellent coasters. It is just not a magazine I can get into. Mostly because I don’t like to drop entire paychecks at gourmet food stores, and I don’t have a gardener who installs bamboo teepees for my greens. And really Martha? Do I really need five recipes that require the use of puff pastry? That shit is expensive and I feel like you are cheating because EVERYTHING tastes good on it. And I am not about to attempt making it at home because I am not a glutton for punishment. I used to beam with pride when people would compare me to Martha since, like her, I love a good project. However, my practical and frugal side are taking over. I am looking forward to sharing my passions with those who might also need a reality check when it comes to making life more beautiful and delicious.


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